President’s Message

Welcome to Huntington Federal Savings Bank!

We would like you to know that we take great pride in providing personal, one-on-one service while offering the conveniences of modern technology. Some say it’s old fashioned, but we like to know our customers by name. Each customer is special to us and we hope you will always feel comfortable recommending Huntington Federal to a friend.

Huntington Federal first opened its doors in 1934. Since then we have provided thousands of mortgage loans to home buyers and paid millions of dollars in interest to our depositors. We believe in the people of our community and are dedicated to being a leader in local community projects.

Huntington Federal has received numerous awards and recognition for housing projects to assist the homeless, low income, and elderly. It also participates with other local financial institutions in civic and community development enterprises.

Huntington Federal is proud to be a part of Huntington’s distinguished history, and is poised to meet the financial and housing needs of its future.

Enjoy your visit with us on our Website, but please stop in at one of our offices and let us introduce you to the people of Huntington Federal Savings Bank.

Matthew M. Wagner, President

Bank Officers

Matthew M. Wagner, President & CEO
Laura Hutchinson, Vice President & CO
Joseph M. Sullivan, Vice President
Kerry E. Adkins, Vice President & BSA Officer
Michael D. Stephens, Vice President & CLO
Mark A. Preston, Vice President
Sandra H. Lockhart, Vice President
Scott A. Hazelett, Vice President
Carla J. Vannatter, Secretary
Daniel D. Huron, Vice President & Loan Analyst
Donald Hale, Asst. Vice President
Lynn Barcus, Asst. Vice President
Anna K. Neil, Asst. Comptroller
Georgia R. Cremeans, Loan Servicing Officer
Elizabeth A. Hamlin, Administrative Assistant
Rhonda L. Davis, CIS Administrator


Angela A. Childers, Manager at East Hills Professional Center
Pam Shilot, Manager at Putnam Village
Johnna Adkins, Manager at 500 Camden Road
Doris Murphy, Manager at Huntington Mall


J. Maurice Clark, Chairman of Board
Matthew M. Wagner
Frank E. Hanshaw, Jr.
Calvin A. Kent
Clarence E. Martin
Edward W. Tucker
Suzanne McGinnis Oxley



Directors Emeriti

David G. Todd
Robert W. Agee