Online Banking


Online Banking Safe and Secure Guidelines

Review Accounts Regularly

Everyone should regularly monitor their accounts for suspicious transfers and withdrawals. Businesses should monitor their accounts daily for suspicious transactions. Customers should notify us immediately of any unexpected activity.

Change Your Passwords to Banking, Email, and E-commerce Sites Regularly

Passwords are the keys to your internet kingdom. Changing your passwords regularly will help ensure the security of all your online accounts as well as the information and the money they give you access to. When changing your password, be sure to use strong passwords. Strong passwords use eight or more characters with random letters (combination of uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and symbols. In addition, you should never use the same password on multiple sites. If one site is compromised, your other accounts could possibly be accessed as well.

Be Careful What You Download

You should never open email attachments or click on links in emails from people you don’t know. You should also be wary of forwarded attachments and links from people you do know. Email attachments and links can circumvent even the best Antivirus software. Additionally, you should be wary of downloads from trusted and un-trusted sites that seem new or suspicious. If the site has been poisoned or compromised by hackers, you could unknowingly be installing a virus or spyware. If you question whether a download is necessary to access a site, you can always contact the company for further information.

If Possible Have a PC Dedicated Only to Online Banking Activities

Fraudsters and scam artists have learned that many small and medium-sized businesses use Online Banking products due to their convenience. What they have also learned is that these same businesses often do not take the time to adequately protect their PCs as outlined in these tips, nor do they regularly review their accounts for fraudulent activity. Using this knowledge, fraudsters and scam artists are now actively targeting small and medium-sized businesses using phishing attacks, email attachments, and websites designed to take advantage of operating system and software flaws. One of the most effective controls is to use a second PC or “live disk” for your banking. This PC should not be used for regular web surfing, checking email, or other projects. These activities can increase a business’s risk of unknowingly coming into contact with malicious sites and software. You should never use the computer your kids use for your online banking.

Online Banking & Bill Payment

Safe, secure and easy, Huntington Federal’s Online Banking system makes your accounts accessible 24/7.  Look at all you can do – for FREE!

  • Check Deposit and Loan Balances
  • View Your Transaction History
  • Transfer Funds Between Your Huntington Federal Accounts
  • Pay Bills Individually or Set Up Automatic Payments

Online Banking Enrollment Instructions

  • Click to Enroll Today!
  • At the Huntington Federal webpage click on the “Enroll” tab near the top of the page; on the next screen
  • Click “Personal Enrollment.”
  • Complete the “First Time User Information” application and click “Submit.”
  • You will choose an Access ID and Password. You will need to complete the security authorization upon your first login session.
  • Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 304-528-6209 or by email at



eStatements, sometimes called Electronic Statements, have so many advantages!

  • Get Your Checking Statements Faster – No Postal Delivery Delays
  • It’s Good for the Environment and Eliminates the Clutter of Paper Statements
  • eStatements Provide Convenient Capability to Electronically Store and Retrieve Your Statement Information
  • They Protect Your Personal Information Better than Paper Statements
  • Best of All – They’re FREE

  Sign Up for eStatements

  • Go to:
  • Log into the Online Banking system using your Access ID and Password
  • From the Main Screen, Click on the “eStatement” Tab.
  • Follow the Instructions to Enroll Your Checking Account for Electronic Delivery of Your Monthly Statements Via a Secured Website.

Any of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you sign up for eStatements as well. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 304-528-6217 or by email at

Notifi delivers real-time, actionable alerts when you need them most. Notifi can provide alerts on every aspect of your financial institution relationship, from a low balance on a deposit account to a pending loan payment to a suspicious credit card transaction. Alerts can be delivered through multiple channels, including smartphones or wearable devices, so recipients can conveniently monitor their finances. You can choose the types of alerts you receive, how and when they are received (email, text, or secure online inbox), and can take action directly from the alerts.
In a world that is moving faster than ever before, Notifi helps deliver solutions that are in step with the way people live and work today – financial services at the speed of life. To enroll in Notifi, click on the Manage Alers within the Online Banking Homepage. Learn more by calling our office at (304) 528-6209 or by email at