ATM or Debit Card

Your ATM or Visa Debit Card must be activated before it can be used. To activate and set a PIN for your card, call 1-800-567-3451. This number can also be used to change an existing PIN or order a PIN if you have forgotten the current PIN. Should you have any questions, please call 304-528-6209.

Huntington Federal is pleased to announce that all, new and reissued, Visa Debit Cards will be embedded with an EMV Chip. EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard, and Visa,” which are the three companies that originally developed the specifications for the technology. EMV cards have microprocessor chips inside which make it harder for anyone to steal your account information while you’re making a payment. The microprocessor chip in your EMV card generates a unique code for every transaction. Even if a criminal manages to grab the code from the store, it’s mostly useless because it won’t work a second time, and it can’t be traced back to your real card number.